Kodular: Manual Calendar App FREE AIA

Kodular is the most helping and easy to use platform which provides several "modules" (services) to create Android apps without coding.

Calendar application is made without any calendar extension or component. Features of this application includes calender of course, add events features and view events. You can add tons of more options in this application I'll leave suggestions below.

Main Screen:



Main screen/ main layout have calendar. If Feburary is ending on thursay 28. Next month starts with first row friday just like normal calendar.


Event Details:

Event details show event names in listview. You can see details by clicking them.


Database used in this project is Airtable database.



Extension used in this project is ColinTreeListView to show events. You can download this extension from anywhere.


  • You can add tinyDb to store events.
  • I have added only one event option, you can add more events option under each date.
  • This application is related to events so I didn't add previous months functionality. I you want to add them go through the code, you'll understand how to add past months.
  • You can add Push Notification as an event reminder.
  • Similarly you can add send message option.
  • When next month button clicked reset all label events

Free AIA File


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