Who are your Workers?

Our workforce is composed of  professionals and experts who are specializing in web development & programming, graphic design, virtual admin support, search engine optimization, writing, blogging, and more.


What if I can't manage my Team?

We understand that you are busy with the other hustles and bustles of life. If you don't have time to manage your team, we can do it for you. We have managers who are experienced and trained in dealing with people positively and ensuring productivity in the workplace.


What if I Want to Hire a Team?

If you want to hire a team, tell us what does an ideal team look like to you - how many members does it have, what are the set of skills that each team member must have, so that we can pull a qualified team based on these factors for you.


How do I send payments?

There are many ways to send payments to us. You can send payments through money transfers Western Union, or bank-to-bank transactions.


How do I track progress of my project?

You will be able to see the tasks and notes checked off as well as any notes within the platform, just log in and select your project to view its progress, notes and output.


How long does the whole process take?

If you are looking for a virtual assistant who can provide top notch office support, the process from start to finish could take 1 to 2 weeks. Sometimes, the period can be shortened due to our vast pool of highly skilled VAs.

However, if you are looking for a contractor with a specific specialization, such as a website designer, web content writer, and programmer to name a few, the process may take longer than usual. That hinges on several factors, such as your company's specifications and requirements as well as the number of available talents we have in our pool who can match your needs. But if waiting a tad longer means you getting the best person for the job, then we can say it is worth the wait.


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