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Hello everyone. I am back with another kodular app for you guys which is free, you can download it from my website and use it in your own projects. So, moving on towards the application’s working. First, we have screen one which is pretty simple. with two buttons one for login and one for register. Pretty simple right?  


Moving on towards the block part of screen one which is simple, having the functionality of the two buttons. When the login button is pressed, it is going to take you towards the login screen and when the register button is pressed, it is going to take you towards the register screen. That is all for the design and block part of screen one.

Let us move on towards the register screen. The database I am using here is airtable, you can use any database you want but for me, airtable is very convenient. The design part is simple with a registration form and a button. 



On the block part, we have the screen initialize function so when the screen is initialized, it takes all the emails in the database record using the get column block. When the user types the email along with other form requirements and click the register button, it is taking the email and checking it if it is already present in the record and if there is an email present then it is just simply going to discard it and giving us the message that the email is already registered using if then else block. If the email is not present in the airtable then it is going to create a new row using create new row block. When the row is created, it is going to give us the notification that the email is registered successfully and take you to screen one again to log in.

Moving towards the login screen. First, there is the screen initialize block which is taking all columns using the get column block. I am using Jason tools for organizing the data. When the spreadsheet gets all the columns, using for each block it is taking all the username and passwords and it is just simply going to add that to global data. When the login button is clicked, it is going to check that whether we have the username and password present or not. If it is present, it is just simply going to give you the success login message and if it is not then it is going to just give you the invalid username and password message. 






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