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Welcome back, everyone. Here is another game application in kodular. The functionality of the game is simple. Main sprite must collect money that is falling from the top of the canvas.  

The design part of the game is quite simple and understandable. The application has three layouts. The first layout is a score layout to show the scores. Then we have the canvas arrangement in which we have nine total sprites where the sprite3 is the character Sprite and others are money sprites. The last arrangement is the arrangement of the buttons in which we have a play button, the left, and the right button. This is it for the design part of this application.


Now moving on towards the block part. First, we have a screen initialize function in which we need to define the canvas height and width and the character sprite position. This part is important because the screen dimensions on every phone are different. I do not want my design to look messed up in different mobile phones. I want sprites to stay in the same position on all screens. Then we have a play button function in which whenever user clicks the play button the first thing it should do is to take all the sprites in the global list. I have excluded image sprite3 from this because image sprite3 is our character sprite so do not get confused by this. After that the application takes one random integer from 1 to 8 because we have eight total sprites. Why are we taking this? We will learn a bit. Then it sets the timer to true and when the time up, it checks that if the global list is not empty, and we have any sprite left then what it is doing is to pick a random item in the list and save that into the global Sprite. Then check if that sprite is equal to imagesprite1 and so on. If any condition's true, then set that sprite to enable as well as visible. Now remember it took the random integer in global random variable. It is going to use that to increase the speed of that Sprite just to create a twist in the game. After that remove, that selected sprite from the list. Let us say there is not any item left in the list, then it should show us the notification that the game is finished.  

Now if any image sprite reached the edge and not the character Sprite then it should make the image sprite's visibility to false and disabled. And if it collides with the character sprite then it should make that sprite invisible, increase the score and play the sound.

Moving forward we have button functionalities, by clicking the right button character sprite should move forward to 10 pixels and change the image to show a walking animation. Similarly with the left button, it should move backwards to 10 px.  

So that is it for this game. You can add things to it and make it more professional, it is up to you and if you do not understand anything in this application then leave a comment below, I will explain to you.  

Extensions: None

Database: None

Sounds: Yes

Platform: Kodular



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