Kodular Platform: Music Player App FREE AIA


Music player application made with kodular for beginners to learn and understand the process. Kodular is the most helping and easy to use platform which provides several "modules" (services) to create Android apps without coding. Use this aia as you want and make great application. It's a small application with music files list, music player and download button. Hope you find it easy to understand.



list of songs appear on first screen. I have used ColinTreeListView extension here. You can easily download this extension form anywhere. Play button leads you to main screen.

Main Screen:


Main screen shows image of song, song name, play button, stop button, pause button, back button, download button and plays song.


  • Play Song
  • Download Song


Database used in this project is airtable database and cloudinary database. Upload music files to cloudinary database from your computer, get link and paste it airtable database along with song name and image. For reference see database below


Free AIA File


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