KODULAR: Food Delivery App [PAID]



Food delivery application is made with kodular with simple and understandable blocks. Whole working of this application comprise of two mobile applications i.e customer side and admin side application. Customer task is to place an order and admin's task is to process it and notifies customer throughout the process.

Application 1:

  • Home screen: This screen is basically latest offers type page, restaurants offers. Offers change weekly or maybe daily. For that you need to just update the image, price, name from the table and your home screen is set.
  • Menu screen: Menu screen is for customers to see what items are available. They can just click on item, select quantity, add to cart and done
  • Cart: This screen shows all your selected items with total price. Proceed button takes you straight to checkout.
  • Profile: Here you can enter your information. It's a one time hurdle. If you close the application and open again there is no need to fill this form again.
  • Checkout: If you have your data saved in application. The app will auto fill the checkout fields.

    After checkout customer will see an order details notification dot on bell icon.

Application 2:

  • It shows the list of orders received, not a fancy layout because it is going to be used by one or two person only.
  • Click the order you want to process. It shows further details of the order and few checkboxes.
  • When you click these checkboxes, it'll send customer the text message regarding respective order status. After that click order complete and move on to other order.

Lastly this is how the whole process works:

Customer selects items> fill the contact details> place the order> receives success notification

Admin receives the order> process it> informs user about delivery status through text message> dispatches order


The database used in this project is Mysql.


Extensions used in this project is Colintreelistview.

PRICE: $10

Package includes:
  • Food Delivery App aia
  • Food Delivery App Admin aia
  • Food Delivery App apk
  • Food Delivery App Admin apk
  • Screenshots
  • Read me file
  • Powerpoint presentation
  • Video
  • Sql tables files to import

How to Buy?

Contact at infoquotesposts@gmail.com


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