My First App: Quiz App [Free AIA]
Kodular is the most helping and easy to use platform which provides several "modules" (services) to create Android apps without coding.

This app was the first app I created with kodular. It is a simple application with easy block code. Hope you find it easy to understand. Use this free aia as you want and make great applications.

It's a simple quiz app with clean layout and sounds etc.


Splash Screen: Application starts with splash screen.

Main Screen: Main screen is options screen like all other gaming applications.

Levels: Play button leads to levels screen. You can add as many levels as you want.

Quiz Screen: You can see on quiz screen it has question count, score count and similar question options layout like all other quiz applications have.

Scoreboard: Through scoreboard you can see results as well as play new level.

Results: Results screen shows all the right answers of that level.


Airtable database is used in this project. For reference

NOTE: The data I have used for this application is not properly written and I haven't even read it. I apologize if you notice anything inappropriate. You need to add your questions and organized answers.


None: No extension is used in this project


Yes. Beeps are used in this project.

Free AIA File


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