Top Best Video Editing Tools Without Watermark


The main problem that a lot of people face with video editors is that they make the video and then there's a huge watermark or you can only export 720p or if you have to use a certain effect you have to get the pro version. We'll talk about 2021's free video editing software that has no watermarks and are completely free.



Lightworks is a completely free editor even described as the best for newbies and anyone who needs to be able to edit and wants to cut and edit video clips together. You could only export up to 720p there's no 1080p. This is kind of a limited feature, all the other ones sort of have all the features unlocked then you can kind of do whatever you want. Lightworks is a very simple and straightforward editor if you have no other previous editing experience, lightworks could definitely be a very nice place to start and you can do very basic level edit. They got a couple of cute little affects, emphasis on the work queue.It supports only windows.


Kapwing is a lot more cooperative towards those who are making social media content and you actually don't need a good computer or laptop at all just because it's actually an online video editor meaning you can type in on your browser and you're able to use it so I would definitely recommend this for anyone making maybe social media posts on maybe like tiktoks, instagram stuff and youtube. It's also a collaborative platform meaning that you can invite someone to edit the video as well.



Next up we have the VSDC, they have a little bit more advanced style stuff, they actually have motion tracking in there and a whole bunch of other cool effects of decent colors. They actually do have screen recorders and stuff like that not sure if that's part of the free version but I do think that VSDC is definitely a cool video editor. The motion tracking in there is actually very simple like compared to other motion tracking. Motion tracking is a pretty desirable effect, people even go through the efforts of jump into adobe after effects and learning some high level motion tracking. It supports only windows.


Now this is the one I personally use. Shotcut is a completely free open source video editor. You have to make sure that you're using the the correct stuff activate your proxies and stuff like that beacuse you will get a little bit of lag in shotcut but there's definitely some very easy ways around that. Overall it is a completely free video editor and supports Linux, mac and windows.

Hitfilms Express

Now moving on to the more advanced one. Lightworks is the most simple, VSDC is pretty simple as well but it's got some cool advanced features, shotcut is definitely more advanced more like a proper  real video editor that's got some substance to it, hitfilm express is a full fledged video editor that if I need to edit a high level video this is something you could actually used. It has loads of visual effects, loads of nonstop VFX and overall this is a perfect video editor for anybody who actually needs just a fully fledged one stop shop for all the video production needs whether its advance whether it's simple. However, if you don't have the right computer then it's not gonna be ideal. 


Another beautiful thing is that their main channel FX home have so many different videos with so many different effects. So if you are visual effects person  and you want some more advanced level effects then hitfilm expresses  is perfect for you.  


Davinci resolve

It's either hitfilm express or davinci resolve, which takes the credit of the single most powerful free video editing software that you can get on the internet. It is actually chosen by professionals. The color grading abilities of davinci resolve is next level. Davinci resolve 17 is completely free if you get the davinci resolve studio it's about 300 Bucks which by the way. It's the hollywood's most popular solution for editing visual effects, motion, graphics, color correction and audio post production. It supports windows, linux, and even mac.



If you've ever seen those 3D intros in the start of YouTube videos, usually gaming videos, you can easily make those using blender. You need a slightly powerful computer to use blender because there's a lot of functionality and it'll just take a long time to load and make adjustments. It's available on Linux, windows and mac.



iMovie and windows movie maker, the reason why I include both of these is because depending if you're on windows or mac you can choose either and everyone basically has access to it. I personally think imovies is a little bit better because it's actually available on your phones. These are the most basic, simple, user friendly few editors that you can possibly come across. They're native to your computer what this means is the rendering time is probably better it's probably a lot smoother on your computer because windows and apple optimizing this video editor for you on their particular software.

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