You Should Use These Essential Wordpress Plugins

I'm going to go over the best WordPress plugins in 2020. I've kind of split them up to be a little bit in categories like builders, and then SEO caching or things that are going to speed up your website and so on. So as I go through this list, just know that a lot of these have free versions. Basically all have free versions and then a lot of them do have paid versions as well. So let's go through the list now.


The first one I want to start off with here is called elementor. Elementor is the most popular WordPress plugin around these days, and I think it's only going to increase in popularity as time goes on because they offer so much in their free builder. They also have a pro builder that is just amazing. There's lots of different things that you can do within elementor and I totally recommend getting their pro version if you haven't used it before. Maybe you can try out the free version and then upgrade to the pro version if you like.

Happy Addons

It is related to Elementor and it has powerful element or wages to create beautiful websites and again they have a free and a pro versions but this one is amazing because you can actually just copy and paste different elements or sections within the pages that you want and create pages in minutes, there's a lot of different features available. There's about 40 free widgets at this time. I totally recommend checking it out.

Brizy Builder
Brizy also has a free and a pro versions. It's somewhat similar to Elementor, but they have many different pre made elements and sections that you can just drag and drop right into your builder and you can add different blocks. I feel like they're still developing a lot of features within brizy, but it is something I think that needs to be on people's radars if they're going to be developing a lot of websites for clients and things like that, I would still probably cater a little bit more toward elementor at this time, but brizy is an option that you're going to be able to use in the next year or two.

 Yoast SEO
So the next one is an SEO plugin and it's Yoast SEO. It's a great way to get started if you're just getting into creating websites and you want to rank within Google, or pushing your pages and your posts in the right direction to be recognized by Google, so it's definitely the one I recommend. I really don't think that their premium version offers a whole lot more than their free version in my opinion, so I would recommend going with the free version here if you had the option. So if we go over to rank math, this one actually just recently got implemented into elementor and it's now built into elementor's plug in. So it's pretty amazing that they have this and you can download it.

 WP Rocket 

Another option here that I recommend is WP Rocket and that is a caching plugin that can help speed up your website. WP Rocket is only a paid version, and there's also a plugin called WP fastest cache that has a paid and a free version, so I would recommend checking this out if you're looking for a free option for a plugin. If not, you can go with WP rocket.

It's a best plugin to compress and optimize lazy load images. So this is basically just going to make your website faster by compressing images. There's quite a few plugins out there that do this. There's also a plugin called Shortpixel that compresses images and make your website a little bit faster

Really Simple SSL

This is something that you would want for your website. Really simple SSL automatically detects your settings and configures your website to run over HTTPS. Now I know there's a lot of people that have issues with that, but they want to make their website more secure.

Another great plugin for live chat is tidio and I don't know if I'm saying that right, but this is a chat bot. You can have live chat with bots right on your site, so it's pretty easy to use. You can actually test it out right on their site and see how it goes. Again, you can use this one for free, or you can buy a premium plan.

WP Forms
Another plug-in WordPress offers is a forms plugin. This is the number one drag and drop WordPress form builder out there. I would say that contact form 7 is probably still a little bit more popular but I think that WP forms is probably the best one for most people, and I feel like it's a little more up-to-date than contact form 7 is, which is an alternative to this. I do think it's a little bit expensive. Try it out for yourself, it's pretty easy to just drag and drop different widgets or areas of text boxes that you might need, or fields that you might need for your form.

One of my favorite plugins is mediavine. It's a really nice plug-in and I think it does the job in a simple fashion. It lets you have social sharing buttons that look clean on your websites.

Google Analytics
This is the one that you're already pretty familiar with. You can set this up in literally a matter of minutes, probably about 2-3 minutes to set this plugin up, and then you can track your results and how your website is doing right here within the dashboard of your website. It's really helpful just to get a quick view without having to sign into every time you want to look at your analytics.

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