How To Make Your Fiverr Gig Rank At The Top?


If you want to make money on fiverr, the first step is to make your fiverr gig rank at the top in the fiverr search. I will tell you a few simple steps that will help your gigs rank higher in the fiverr search. Aside from positive ratings, complimentary reviews, and everything else, fiverr does decide what gigs are going to be on top through search engine optimization. Basically, search engine optimization means doing things to improve the likelihood of a page appearing in a search engine. The tip is to leverage fiverr search and specifically fiverr’s search bar autocomplete function to select the best keywords for your fiverr gigs and then use those keywords effectively in your fiverr gig.

We are going to use fiverr's search bar autocomplete feature to help us pick the right keywords to use in our fiverr gig title and fiverr gig description and for this example, let us suppose you are a graphic designer and want to create gig in this example is creating thumbnails.

The first thing you need to do is type the word thumbnail in fiverr search. Once you type it in, a drop-down menu is going to show up and show some search terms. That fiverr autocomplete it for you based on the search term you typed in. When you are just getting started with SEO, using some of these suggested autocomplete keywords is going to really help your gig niche downright and become more specific which is going to help you appear more often in fiverr research, so like for example, if you were just putting the keyword thumbnail for your gigs, you are going to be competing with a ton of people.  

But if you put YouTube thumbnails for example, it is going to be a lot smaller niche. So, what you should do is to look at the YouTube thumbnail keywords and note them down, like YouTube thumbnail, thumbnails, YouTube, create YouTube thumbnail and YouTube thumbnail design. You should use these keywords when creating your gig title and description. It helps tell the search engine, in this case, fiverr, what your gig is related to. Keywords help your gig be more discoverable in fiverr search.
Once you have figured out what keywords you want to focus on, let us move onto the most important part. It is using those keywords to build a good gig title and a good gig description, so I am going to give you an example of what a general gig title would be for someone who wants to sell thumbnail design services. Something like I will design a thumbnail. That is pretty general, right? if you are just creating a gig like that, it is going to be hard because you are going to be competing against pretty much everyone who creates thumbnails. Like if you just type thumbnail into fiverr search, you are going to see like 11,000 results, so that is 11,000 people who are just ranking for the general keyword thumbnail. That is not good. Would it not be better to shrink the number of people that you are competing against and make it more specific so that when someone is searching, there is a higher likelihood that you appear in the select few.  

So instead of creating a general subject line using just the word thumbnail, you create one that says I will design A YouTube thumbnail for you, or I will create YouTube thumbnails. In this case, if you type YouTube thumbnail into fiverr search, you will notice that only about 7000 gigs appear so that went down from 11,000.  

NEXT, the important part is to create your gig. Write your description using the niche down keywords you have selected for your gig. When you are creating a fiverr gig description using the keywords that you found you want to focus on two things.  

The first is you want to make sure that you are inserting the keywords in the description so that you can rank for those keywords, but the 2nd is you want to make sure you are not overdoing it, and make sure that if you are reading it, and it sounds like not the way you would speak to someone in real life, it means you probably wrote it like a robot.  

Go back, change it, and try to read it and get to the point where it is reading like someone will read it and feel like you are talking to them, right? That should be your gauge. Make it sound human. But at the same time, make sure the keywords are in there.  

A bad fiverr gig description is one that sounds like a robot wrote and just packed with keywords. A good one uses some genuine keywords and is written in a way that is thoughtful for the person reading it, so keep that in mind. Implement it in your fiverr or gigs.  





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