Kodular: Zombie Smasher Game [FREE AIA]


Zombie Smasher game with splash screen, menu and game screen is made with kodular platform.  Kodular is the most helping and easy to use platform which provides several "modules" (services) to create Android apps without coding. It's a mini game with game sounds. All user has to do is to kill the zombies and that's it. If you want to add levels, add new screen and change sprites image. You can add tons of options to make it more professional. Also play around with enemy sprites weapon clock.


Screen 1 is simple splash screen with a loader.



Screen 2 is option's screen. Right now there is just play and exit button.



Screen 3 is game screen with player sprite and three zombie/enemy sprites. Click the zombie you want to kill. If player doesn't kill zombies first, each of the zombie sprite hit player after specific time interval which reduces player's life and you end up losing the game. If player kills them first, VICTORY.


NONE: No database is used in this project. You can use tinyDB to store scores and levels, it's totally up to you.

Difficulty level:

EASY: This game is made up of easy to understand blocks.


NONE: No extension used in this project.


Free sounds are used in this project.

Free AIA File


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