KODULAR: Bus Booking App [FREE AIA]

 Kodular is the most helping and easy to use platform which provides several "modules" (services) to create Android apps without coding.

Bus booking app is made with kodular platform. It's a short and simple app form beginners. All you need to do is to enter three inputs destination, your location and date. It searches bus data from Airtable database, you can use whatever bus you like according to price and book seat.  You can add tons of more options in it.

Layout 1:


Layout 1 is simple. It takes three inputs from user (destination, location and date). Then it searches data from airtable database and show it in a list.

Layout 2:


Buses according to user's input appears in listview.

Layout 3:


Layout 3 shows complete data of selected bus. User can book seat according to price. Book seat button shows a success message with seat number. I have just shown an alert, you can work on seat numbers. After success message it is shows seats update message which means one available seat is reduced from database.


Database used in this project is Airtable. For reference see link below.




Extensions used in this app is ColinTreelistview. Easily available everywhere.

Free AIA File



  1. Can you make a online smartphone store app. Where..all the smartphone show into a listview with big image,device title, price..when any user click any list item(smartphone) from listview ... It show the full details of smartphones ( like all specifications) on another screen(like Screen2).. Then..it need category system ( like when user click Samsung category,,it open all Samsung smartphone)...some popular category like Apple,Samsung,LG,Asus,Sony,Nokia etc...also need a search screen where user can search all smartphone with a category spinner...and the search results also show into listview with icon( like home screen)...and all the things need to make with Airtable spreadsheet... I have tried lot to explain you..also sorry for bad explain...please make an app like this...please..please..

  2. Por favor, faz um aplicativo tipo o ifood, um Delivery com vários estabelecimentos, por favor! E disponibilizem o AIA.



  3. Hello, can I ask where to download the AIA File of this app? I find it very helpful in our project. Thank youuu

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