Find Hidden Objects GAME with free sound [FREE AIA]
 Kodular is the most helping and easy to use platform which provides several "modules" (services) to create Android apps without coding.

Hope everybody is familiar with "Find hidden objects game". All you need to do is to find the given objects from a very messy view. In this aia, user needs to find all objects before the counter turns to zero otherwise user will lose.


This aia can be used in
  1. Kodular
  2. Appybuilder
  3. Thunkable
  4. Mit app inventor

Screen1 is simple menu layout with start game and exit button nothing fancy.


Screen2 is main game screen. As you can see the layout is pretty understandable. User just needs to find the given objects. If you want to add more levels just add new layout maybe screen and change images or add more objects to find.


None: No database is used in this application but if you want to make it a bigger project then you will need database help.


None: No extension is used in this project


Yes: Free sound is used in this project to let users know that they have found the object.

There are tons of more options you can add in this project. It is up to you. If you are similar with the game world then there will be no problem for you to do that.

Free AIA File


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