Why You Must Not Access The Dark Web


The dark web has been a source of attention among people from the very beginning. In such a situation, the more people try to know about it, the more they get caught up in it because it is mostly involved in criminal activities. Although not everyone who uses it is a criminal. However, this part of the Internet is considered very wrong because most criminals are found on the dark web who buy and sell illegal stuff. There are many shocking things found on the dark web that can make you feel sick and disturbed. Now, the question is should we use the dark web?

First, we need to know what the dark web is. If there is something you want to know about, you just google it immediately and find out about it but whether it is Google or another search engine, it gives you a chance to access only 10% of the things on the Internet. So, you must have wondered what happens to the remaining 90% of the Internet. So let us tell you that the rest of the internet's things come under deep web.

Many people have the misconception that the dark web and deep web are both the same. It is, but the dark web has the world's most dangerous criminal activities. For example, you are familiar with icebergs. You can only see its upper part. The rest is underwater, which falls under the deep web, which is not possible to see from outside. Speaking of the dark web, it is the lowest part of icebergs, and if you want to access the dark web, you must go deeper. It is difficult to come back safely if you access the dark web.

Police also keep an eye on these websites so that they can reach out to people who are doing illegal activities. So many people have reported that they have only got a negative experience on the dark web, one person even stated that he found criminals who were discussing killing people and sharing new methods with each other.

The other person, while describing his experience, said that he clicked on a random link and reached a video where the entire process of cooking and eating human meat was delivered to the people with a video. Clicking any random link in the dark web is like risking your life. So even if you go to dark only to check it, there is a chance that police will trace and arrest you unless you are mentally ill.

A similar case was witnessed in the UK where some students from the University of Manchester were arrested for selling things across the dark web. Though all those boys were educated, they still ruined their lives by doing such activities. Think of it well before accessing the dark web.

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