Wix or Wordpress? Which one's better?


Lets make a comparison of Wix and WordPress. First, we need to know the difference between the two.  Wix is a full website builder that also hosts your website. WordPress is a website builder that you need to host somewhere else. You can do this on Bluehost, HostGator, GoDaddy and so on. There are a bunch of various places where you can do this. You can purchase Wix through Wix. All the hosting is done in one place, just pay Wix and done. Whereas you can purchase WordPress through the host and then you add on WordPress for free, meaning you would go to Bluehost.com and you would purchase hosting through there, and then you would add WordPress to that host. 

So, price-wise, Wix has multiple plans, but you are going to come in at about $10 per month. WordPress is technically free, but you are paying for the hosting, so you do have multiple hosting plans, typically coming in about four or $5 per month. 

Coming towards the pros and cons of each of these. The biggest pro that Wix has on its side is ease of use. You do not need any technical experience. You can pick a template, start dragging and dropping elements. Just fill in the text and you will have a good looking website. 

WordPress, on the other hand, does not really have the ease of use right off the bat. There is a small learning curve you are picking from themes, but it is not drag and drop style unless you add in a plugin, but that gets a little bit more into detail. With that being said, WordPress does have a big advantage over Wix, and that is the ability to really customize the site.  

So, if you are a Blogger, WordPress is really good because you can get the blog up within 5 minutes and you can customize that blog to be exactly what you want. The other big leg up that WordPress has over Wix is the ability to go in-depth on the SEO, so if it is important for your site to be ranked on Google, WordPress is probably a better option.  

Now I do not want to discredit Wix because Wix does cover all the basics of SEO. So, if you are not tech-savvy, you will be able to rank your website with Wix. With that being said, a lot of people do discredit Wix for their SEO. But some Wix websites ranked on the first page of Google, so I do not know how much of that is true. 

Now, if you are going to go with WordPress, I recommend that you pick your host wisely. There are a few to choose from and a lot of them have big names and they compete against each other. Bluehost is a great option. Their customer service is phenomenal and whenever you have an issue, you can go on live chat. They will resolve it for you. Their user dashboard is extremely easy to understand. It is not confusing like the other ones. The other ones have so many options and get very technical that it can get extremely confuse.

In conclusion, my rating for Wix is 7.5/10 and for WordPress is 9/10. The rest is all up to you, choose whichever you like the most and start developing. 

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